The Best Types of Garden Tools for Green Fingers

types of garden tools

Garden tools are essential in creating a beautiful garden. Unfortunately, there are so many types of garden tools that it can be confusing for people to decide what they need. Newbies, in particular, are always stumped when they have to shop for garden tools.

With so many options to choose from, how do you decide on the best ones, the ones most suited to your needs? Should you go for quality, affordability, or quantity? In this article, we will extensively discuss all of that and more.

Our Selections for Best Types of Garden Tools

1. UKOKE 12-Piece Garden Tool Set With Garden Canvas Apron 

This garden tool set has many essential gardening tools you will need to make your garden healthy and beautiful. These tools have various uses and are made with durable materials that can last a long time.

There are twelve pieces of garden tools made with quality material to ensure working on your vegetable garden is fun and easy. For example, the gardening pruner blades are made of high carbon SK-5 steel, which means they are stronger and more durable than their aluminum counterparts. There is also a stainless steel snip to allow you to trim precisely. 

Each tool has a non-slip grip and comfortable handle to enable you to perform your task without added fatigue. Gloves are included, so you don’t have to get your hands dirty while doing dirty work. 

The set includes an orange canvas apron made from polyester and PVC material. It is big enough to fit any size or body type while gardening. There are pockets in front of the apron to easily store and reach the tools. To care for the apron, wash it regularly and air dry. 

There are five heavy-duty cast aluminum alloy tools and a spray bottle. Each handheld tool has an ergonomic handle to allow for a firm grip when used. You can conveniently store them with the hanging hole on each handle. 

They include a garden trowel you use to dig, a cultivator to aerate the soil of your garden, a rake for loosening up clumped soil, a weeder for removing weeds and other unwanted elements, and a garden spade for transplanting. 

The tools are lightweight, so when you place them in the apron, you barely notice that they’re there. The trowel weighs 6.24oz, the cultivator has a 6.98oz weight, the weeder’s weight is 6.77oz, the rake weighs 8.11oz, and the spade weighs 6.31oz. 

There is also a kneeling pad thick enough to provide less strain on your knees while working. It weighs 6.24oz. 

These different gardening tools will allow you to do various garden projects in less time. They are anti-rust and durable. Cleaning and maintaining the tools play a huge role in how long they are going to last. 

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2. Tudoccy 83 Piece Garden Tools Set With Tote Bag

The Tudoccy garden set has 83 pieces, encompassing many different essential tools to ensure you have a beautiful garden with thriving plants and flowers. The all-in-one garden set includes accessories and tools ready for growing succulents and bonsai plants. 

Some features of the Tudoccy 83-piece garden tool kit include a green spray bottle, pruner, plant tags, transplanter, hand rake, gardening gloves, gardening rope, automatic watering device, butterfly stakes, weeder, and a tote bag for carrying everything. 

You can use the spray bottle to mist your vegetables, spray insecticides, etc. There are three adjustable trigger settings on the spray bottle, all you need to do is turn the nozzle, and you can choose between misting, steaming, and off. 

A pruner is one of the best types of garden tools to have around. You can use the Tudoccy pruner with sharp blades to trim your garden plants and thicker branches. To ensure no accidents, you can lock it via a flexible switch button located by the side. It has a polished aluminum material that is high quality and rust resistant. 

Plant tags are essential in a beginner’s garden. They allow you to easily identify plants and prevent mix-ups. The labels also provide a way to make gardening more fun. 

The transplanter or hand trowel allows you to transplant easily. It has a depth measurement feature that will enable you to determine the depth you want to dig. It is a feature that makes gardening less stressful. 

Soil aeration is very important to garden plants, and using the proper tool will ensure it happens correctly. Hand rakes are useful in aerating soil, loosening rocky soil, and removing harmful weeds. The durable hand rake from this set can handle tough soil without breaking.

The gloves come in a one size fits all design and are water resistant. They also have claws to protect your fingers while you dig or perform other tasks. 

Plant ropes will come in handy if you have a garden plant that requires extra support while it grows. If your garden is in a windy area, or you have vines, shrubs, or plants with heavy foliage and flowers, they will need support.

The automatic watering device allows you to fill a bottle with water and water your plants automatically. It can last for up to 20 days or more. Only use the device for plants that require more frequent watering. Otherwise, the soil can get soaked and clogged with water which is bad for the plant. 

The weeder capably removes weeds but does so gently. When you remove invasive plants, it doesn’t disturb the garden beds, and its handle allows you to dig in easily and pull the unwanted plant. 

The thin metal butterfly stakes you can place on your plants make them brighter and more eye-catching. You can close or open their wings.

You can use the cotton tote bag to store the tools in its multiple pockets while you work for quick accessibility. It is easy to carry, and it is washing machine safe.

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3. Glaric 10 Pieces Gardening Tool Set With Organizer Tote Bag

This ten-piece garden tool set from Glaric is the perfect gift for your loved ones. It contains the specialized tools needed to elevate the look of your outdoor garden.

The tools and accessories in this all-in-one gardening set include pruning shears, a weeder, transplanter, tote bag, sprayer, weeding fork, rake, and gloves with fingertips claws. 

The tools have a non-slip and ergonomic handle, allowing you to work long hours without fatigue. Gardening is made much easier and more enjoyable with them. 

They have a simple design and are made with high-quality materials. The six heavy-duty tools (garden rake, pruner, digging fork, transplanter, trowel, and weeder) are made with aluminum and PVC. 

The handles have rubber materials for easy grip, and they perform various functions in the garden like digging, loosening soil, or removing the weed.

The kit also includes a sprayer which has a plastic material. You can use it to spray plants and flowers with water or insecticide. Three nozzle settings allow you to mist, steam, and turn off the sprayer. 

The garden gloves have a material that makes them easy to wear on any size of hands. The tote bag has an Oxford material that is waterproof. You can wash it by hand and air dry it for a longer life span. 

You can store all the tools by hanging them through the hole on their handle. The tote bag also has elastic bands around the eight pockets to prevent tools from falling. You can lock the tools via a safety clip to let the blades to rest, avoid accidents, and allow easy storage. 

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4. ONDEKT 9 Piece Garden Tools Set With Tote Bag, Bonus Gloves, and Cutter

This is the Abcosport garden tool set from Ondekt. It includes heavy-duty tools and other accessories to ensure stress-free time in your garden. They all come in a box which you can easily wrap up and give to friends and family. 

The box contains a weeder, sprayer, transplanting tool, leaf rake, cutter, digging shovel, garden fork, gloves with finger claws, and a tote bag. The tools are made with durable premium quality stainless steel. Stainless steel is known to be corrosion and rust-resistant. 

Also, the tools have sturdy wooden handles with a comfortable grip. No matter how tough the task is, these tools can help make it easier. Despite their wooden material, they are lightweight and ergonomic. 

The tools are easy to store in a tote bag while you’re working. With their light weights, they are very easy to carry. The bag has a durable Oxford fabric, two carrying straps, a spacious middle section, and five extra pockets. You can run the bag through the wash and air dry it. 

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5. CHRYZTAL Garden Tool Set with Non-Slip Rubber Grip and Storage Tote Bag

An avid gardener will find the CHRYZTAL gardening tool kit essential for different gardening tasks. The tools include a hand trowel, cultivator, soil scoop, hand rake, pruner, weeder, and a tote bag. They are rust and corrosion resistant, making them easy to maintain and durable. 

The tools are sturdy stainless steel and have an ergonomic, nonslip handle that allows you to perform tasks with ease. The blades of each tool are made with precisely scaled stainless steel that is sharp enough to cut through the toughest weeds.

The Oxford cloth tote bag will enable you to keep the tools nearby while you work. It will also prevent your tools from rusting while in storage. The cloth is easy to clean and is resistant to tearing. You’re assured adequate protection for your tools for a long time. 

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How to Choose the Best Types of Garden Tools

1. Material

The material of your garden tools goes a long way in determining how efficient they will be. The material may vary depending on the task you wish to use the tools for. 

The material on the tool’s handle is very important because most of the work comes from there. Plastic and aluminum handles are less expensive but not durable. Carbon steel, wood, fiberglass, etc., are stronger and last longer.

2. Maintenance

You do not want to get a garden tool that will require you to spend several hours a day cleaning. Garden tools should be easy to look after.

3. Quality Over Price

Most times, higher-quality tools will be more expensive, but this is not always the truth. When choosing a tool, choose based on its overall quality rather than a low price tag. 

4. Weight

Garden tools should be lightweight to make it easier for you to complete your task. If the tool feels too heavy, your hands will easily get fatigued before you’re finished gardening.

The handle of the tool should have the right grip on it. It should have a non-slip feature to prevent accidents from happening. 

5. Usability

This factor is one of the most important on the list because garden tools might have the right materials, weight, and price, but they might feel uncomfortable to use. For example, if you buy shears for your garden, make sure that they are easy to open and don’t get stuck. 

6. Warranty 

There should be a warranty on the tools you’re buying, even if it is for a short period. It assures you that the manufacturer cares about their customers and is willing to cover some cost of damages done to the tools within that period.

How to Make Your Garden Tools Last Longer

1. Clean After Every Use 

Cleaning your garden tools is important to ensure they last a long time. The way you tend them also has a role in their durability. 

After using the tools, use water to clean the dirt from the tools. Then you can wash them with soap and water. Make sure you thoroughly dry them before storing them. 

Alternatively, you can mix a gallon of water and two cups of chlorine bleach in a bucket for a deeper clean. Let your tools soak in the liquid for about twenty minutes, then clean them with a fresh rag. 

If, over time, your tools start to rust, you can prepare a simple solution to fix the problem. You can mix an equal amount of vinegar and water in a bucket and soak your tools overnight. After that, scrub them with tin foil or a wire brush to get rid of the rust. 

2. Store in a Cool and Dry Place 

Storing the tools in a cool and dry place prevents unnecessary moisture from reaching them. Keeping your garden tools outdoors is not a good idea. Exposure to different weather conditions will reduce their durability. 

The ideal place to keep tools is a room with a wall mount where you can easily hang them instead of leaving them lying around.

3. Sharpen Tools

Sharpened garden tools are what make the work efficient and fast. If you notice your tools are starting to get blunt, you should sharpen them immediately. It should take about six months to one year (depending on how often you use them) for this to occur. Blunt tools can cause damage to delicate plants in your garden.

The handles of your tools should not be overlooked, either, especially if they have wooden handles. Wood can chip and develop splinters, so always inspect the handles to see what needs smoothening and other maintenance.

You should also regularly oil your tools to prevent them from getting blunt faster. After each use, you can clean tools like prunes or shears with an oily cloth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Garden Tools

1. Should I get aluminum or stainless steel garden tools?

Both of these materials are great for garden tools. Aluminum tools are light, but they do not last as long and, because of that, they are mostly suitable for delicate tasks. 

On the other hand, tools made with high carbon steel are stronger but heavier. They can handle tasks like digging, and weeding, without damage. Steel garden tools are more expensive than aluminum. 

2. How long do garden tools last? 

Garden tools should last for years if they are of high quality. If you follow useful maintenance tips to make them last longer, your tools will be with you for a long time. 

3. How do I know when it is time to change my garden tools? 

Every time you use them, you should gauge if they still work as well as when you first got them. If not, you might consider changing them out. 

Remember that sometimes, your tools might be rusty or blunt, which reduces their performance. That’s something you can fix. Move on to swapping your garden tools out when there’s no other viable solution. 


Garden tools are a must to make your garden beautiful and stand out. The look of your garden depends on it, so it is best to choose tools that suit your needs and keep you motivated in your gardening.

If you don’t know where to begin, then this buying guide with the best types of garden tools will set you on the right path. We’ve reviewed various gardening tool sets that cover all gardening needs, hopefully including yours.

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