The Best Organic Liquid Fertilizer For Vegetables, Lawns, and Gardens

organic liquid fertilizer for vegetables

Plants require a lot of nutrients, water, and adequate sunlight to grow. Sometimes, the conditions in the soil are not favorable for growth and may require an extra nutrient boost. 

When growing a vegetable garden, you need to consider the best source of nutrients for them. Liquid fertilizers are one of the best sources of readily available plant nutrients. In this article, we will discuss the best organic liquid fertilizer for vegetables, lawns, and gardens. 

What Is an Organic Liquid Fertilizer? 

Organic liquid fertilizer is a source of nutrients made from plants and animal manure or animal by-products. It is called organic because it is made from natural materials and is not concentrated. 

They are safer but more expensive than inorganic fertilizers. Organic fertilizer regularly includes crushed shells, worms, seaweed, ground bones, guano, peat, etc. 

Organic fertilizers are sustainable and help the environment by balancing carbon and nitrogen levels in soil, which boosts its fertility. Its ability to remove carbon from the soil and atmosphere (through carbon sequestration) reduces the greenhouse effect and global warming.

They do not disrupt the balance in the soil because there are no traces of artificial elements in them, unlike inorganic fertilizers. 

Benefits of Organic Fertilizers

  • They do not overfeed your plants because plants absorb them slowly
  • They improve the soil structure to create a better environment for plants to thrive
  • They increase the bacterial and fungal activity in the soil
  • They are safer and healthier than chemical alternatives
  • They are eco-friendly
  • They reduce the build-up of toxins 
  • They make the soil fertile for planting

The Best Organic Liquid Fertilizer for Vegetables

1. Bloom City Organic Liquid Seaweed and Kelp Fertilizer Supplement 

This liquid fertilizer is from the brand Bloom City. They are an environmentally conscious company that uses natural and sustainable substances for its organic fertilizers. 

Seaweed kelp fertilizer is an organic fertilizer safe for all types of vegetable plants. The organic seaweed and kelp have a blend of seven fine species of algae. 

The ingredients are mixed to promote healthy plant growth and, as such, it doesn’t contain harmful non-nutritious substances. It is made with natural kelp enzymes to elevate the well-being of plants. 

Professionals and specialists make the fertilizer to ensure the product is safe for your lawn, plants, veggie garden, etc. 

It is very simple to use, and there are methods you can use to apply the fertilizer. For a large area, a hose-end sprayer will be more suitable. To ensure the vegetables get particular nutrients, pour the fertilizer into a watering can. 

You can also use a foliar spray to allow your plants to take in nutrients quickly. It would be best if you mixed it with water at 20-40 ml per gallon of water for any stage of growth. 

The organic seaweed and kelp fertilizer supplement are designed to boost the growth of plant roots and shoots. The product weighs 3 lbs. and has 0.94 volumes of liquid fertilizer. 

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2. Neptune’s Harvest 2-4-1 Fish Fertilizer

Neptune’s Harvest Fish Fertilizer is made from fresh North Atlantic fish. This all-purpose fertilizer is made through a process that preserves the enzymes, fish oils, protein, amino acids, and vitamins needed for plants to flourish. 

The micro and macro nutrients found in fish create a blend of ingredients that will serve your vegetable garden well. 

The fertilizer contains natural and organic ingredients you can use to feed your flowers, trees, vegetables, shrubs, etc. It has an NPK (nitrogen/phosphorous/potassium balance) of 2-4-1, which your plants will find beneficial. 

There are different application methods for various plants and the areas where you place them. For example, you can use foliar sprays for a small vegetable. It is important to read the instructions to help guide you on how you can ensure your plants thrive. 

This fish-based fertilizer needs to be diluted with water before you apply it to the soil or foliar leaves. However, only prepare for immediate use because you shouldn’t store the diluted fertilizer. It works on any soil type and improves soil quality. 

Neptune’s Fish Harvest is unlike other fish emulsions that smell very bad and make you nauseous. It has a mild smell, so you can apply it indoors on your houseplants. 

This fertilizer can make 64 gallons for indoor use and 32 gallons for outdoor use. The only downside is that you have to mix it with water every time you use it. It can cover up to 2,000 square feet, and the manufacturers advise you to use the product every 1-2 weeks. 

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3. Bloom City Organic Earthworm Tea Concentrate, Compost, and Bokashi Booster

The organic Earthworm Tea is another type of fertilizer from Bloom City. Their fertilizers are fully organic and have naturally sourced ingredients, which is why they are among the most recommended ways to feed your plants. 

This fertilizer provides many benefits for the soil, such as enabling the digestion of organic material and building microbes in the soil, which will feed the plants and protect them from stress. 

There are two ways you can get these benefits. One is by using it as a compost starter, and the other is by applying it to your soil. 

Both of these methods are great because they raise the level of soil nutrients to ensure healthy plant growth. There are different mixing requirements for whichever way you use it, so be sure to carefully read the instructions before using the fertilizer.

You can use this liquid plant food on any plant, and there are also different modes of application. You can use foliar sprays or hose-end sprayers. Either method will ensure your plants get the nutrients they need to survive. 

The fertilizer has many natural ingredients, but its primary one is the earthworm microbe tea which is brewed with black strap molasses and Washington worms. It will elevate your soil condition and strengthen it. It will enable your plant to grow on a solid foundation. 

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4. AgroThrive All Purpose Organic 3-3-2 NPK Liquid Fertilizer 

This fertilizer is from AgroThrive, a company passionate about sustainability and one of the first to design a predigested organic bio-fertilizer. 

The liquid fertilizer is completely natural and has pre-digested ingredients, which means organic material like fish protein has been broken down to a form plants can digest easily. It contains beneficial microbes to blah to strengthen the soil structure and improve root growth. 

You can use it for indoor/outdoor plants, vegetable gardens, and everything that grows. There are three simple steps. First, you measure it, then dilute it, and finally, you apply it to the soil. 

Note that different elements, like whether the plant is a vegetable or an indoor plant, affect the quantity of fertilizer you will give them. Be sure to read the instructions from the manufacturer. The application should be every 1-2 weeks. 

It has an NPK level of 3-3-2. Using the fertilizer guarantees fast foliar and root growth, stronger and healthier soil, increased microbial activities in the soil, and that plants get all the nutrients they require from the soil. 

When you purchase the fertilizer, you should get a pump for the bottle because pouring the liquid out without one is messy and drippy. 

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5. PetraTools Worm Casting Fertilizer Liquid for Gardening Soil

The PetraTools worm tea is a liquid source of nutrients for your vegetables to grow and thrive. The fertilizer is free from insecticide and other toxic ingredients. It won’t cause any harm to your garden or pet if they come in contact with it.

The fertilizer will not cause harm to your plants and is environmentally safe. It also increases soil aeration and airflow because of the worm casting. It is great for houseplants, vegetable gardens, or fruit. The fertilizer can also be accompanied by other fertilizers without issue.

Benefits of the fertilizer include boosting plant growth, speeding up organic matter digestion, improving the soil, and providing nutrients to strengthen the root and other parts of the plant.  

The fertilizer comes in four different sizes: 8oz, 16oz, 32oz, and a gallon. Each of them can make your garden grow and flourish. 

There are instructions on the bottle to guide you on how to use the fertilizer on your soil. You can apply it via foliar sprays or a hose-end sprayer. Foliar sprays are more suitable for direct feeding, while hose end sprayers work best in a large vegetable garden. 

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What to Consider Before Buying Fertilizer for Your Vegetables

You need to pay attention to certain factors before you decide to buy fertilizer for your plant. In the long run, these can determine whether or not your plants will show improvement after the fertilizer is applied. These factors include:

1. Size

There is a wide range of sizes of fertilizers you can choose from. When buying one from any brand, make sure to get one that won’t last much longer than you need. Some plants will require different types of fertilizer for different growing stages. 

On the other hand, you do not want to get surplus fertilizer that will end up going bad. 

To ensure you’re getting the right size of fertilizer, find out the duration you will need it for. Measure the size of your vegetable garden, then consider how often you’ll use it. All these will help you pick the right size.

2. Ingredients

Fertilizers serve as a source of food for your plants. They play a huge role in your plant’s survival. It is not just your plant’s health you need to be worried about. Harmful chemicals like lead, Barium, Chromium, etc., can cause health problems to humans and pets. 

It is important to do extensive research on the brand of fertilizer you wish to purchase before making your purchase. 

3. Form

There are three forms of fertilizers — liquid, solid (granular fertilizers), or gaseous. Each of these forms has its benefits and downsides. Before you get a fertilizer, determine what form will be convenient for you to apply. 

Some people prefer solid fertilizers because they are easier to apply. Gaseous fertilizer will be less suitable for indoor use but great for a large vegetable farm. 

Once you’ve determined how your fertilizer preferences look, you can narrow your search to the best brands that specialize in that fertilizer form. 

4. NPK Level

NPK is a ratio percentage that shows the level of three key ingredients in fertilizer. They are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These ingredients are integral to ensuring the proper development of plants by providing them with nutrients and resisting diseases and pests. 

5. All-Purpose Fertilizer 

It is not crucial to buy an all-purpose fertilizer, but it would be helpful if the fertilizer you choose is good for indoor/outdoor plants, shrubs, vegetable gardens, etc. It reduces the cost of having to buy more than one fertilizer, as well as the effort. 

6. Storage Life

Some fertilizers have limited storage life, while you cannot store others in their diluted form. Before getting any type of fertilizer, ensure it has long storage life to accommodate your needs. 

Benefits of Using an Organic Liquid Fertilizer for Vegetables and Gardens

  • They produce healthier plants.
  • Liquid fertilizers allow for an even application.
  • There are many ways you can apply liquid fertilizer.
  • They are safer to use.
  • With liquid fertilizers, there’s less risk of over-fertilizing your soil/plant.
  • They are faster to apply, and they show results faster.
  • You can use liquid fertilizers in any weather.
  • They have less nitrogen loss which allows them to function higher.


Using fertilizers safe for your vegetable plants and your environment also contributes to your own healthy living. Even though organic liquid fertilizers are more expensive, they are worth their price.

If you’re looking to buy the best organic liquid fertilizer for vegetables and gardens, then this is a good place to start. Apart from reviewing some of the best organic liquid fertilizers currently on the market, we’ve outlined a buying guide to help you choose the best ones for your needs.

For more helpful tips and product reviews to improve your gardening experience, read through our wide collection of articles.

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